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Joe on the Issues

Town Center

I am very excited about the Town Center project.The new infrastructure being implemented will undoubtedly bring in the needed commercial and residential development the city has been lacking. I look forward to working with the individual developers and their projects to ensure they adhere not only to the letter of the plan but also the spirit. Resident centered development should be the rule not the exception in the Town Center.

Harbor Project

The Harbor Project though not technically under the City of Dana Points jurisdiction is none the less very important to the city. We need to focus on the connections between the Town Center and the Harbor. They should complement each other in form and function, not compete. I will work diligently to make sure the two projects are connected.

Doheny Village

Doheny Village is an integral part of the future in Dana Point. We need to take care not to implement a plan that hasn't been vetted. The proper approach is to develop a master plan much the same as the City did with Town Center. The process should be transparent and include: resident, council and planning commission input. With a project as important as Doheny Village , it would be a big mistake to hurry the plan.

Balanced Budget

It is important for municipalities to live with in their means. The results of poor planning and irresponsible spending are increased taxes. Taxpayers shouldn't shoulder the responsibility of frivolous spending by their elected officials. Cutting costs and monitoring all expenditures will be a top priority.

Public Safety

We need to continue a close relationship with the Orange County Sheriffs Department. It is imperative we keep the Drug trade and Gang activity out of Dana Point. Our citizens should feel safe no matter the time of day or neighborhood they find themselves.

Quality of Life

We live in one of the greatest places in the world. We need to protect our natural resources. With a growing youth population, we need to make sure they have clean, safe places to play and interact with each other. Our fantastic park network can help us achieve this goal as long as we continue to evaluate and address the needs of our population.